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Meeting Room Policy


Augusta-Richmond County Public Library System

Meeting Room Policy

The Augusta-Richmond County Public Library makes available its meeting rooms for informational, educational, recreational, civic, and cultural purposes.  Public use of library rooms is subject to availability and compliance with the terms of this policy.  When the meeting rooms are not being used by the library or library-sponsored or co-sponsored events, the space will be made available to the public on equal terms, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.  Provision of library meeting rooms for public use does not constitute endorsement by Augusta-Richmond County Public Library System. 



  • Library meeting rooms are available for use, free of charge, to groups or individuals meeting all of the following criteria:
  • The group or organization sponsoring the event must be a 501(c)3 non-profit group or an individual or group that is indisputably not commercial in nature.  Determination of whether a group or individual meets these criteria rests with the Library Director or his/her designee.
  • Library meeting rooms are available for educational, cultural, informational or governmental/civic activities.  These activities may include public lectures, panel discussions, workshops and other similar functions.  No commercial sales or profit-making uses of the meeting rooms are allowed.
  • Meetings/events/programs must be open to any member of the public who wish to attend, within the maximum allowed capacity of the space.
  • With the exception of library-sponsored or co-sponsored events, no fees or donations may be solicited or collected for admission to, or participation in, any such program, meeting or event, nor may any sales be conducted, or any business conducted which is entrepreneurial in nature or intended to realize profit for the sponsoring individual, group, or organization at a later date.

Note:  If food is served, a facility maintenance fee may be charged (see attachment 1).



Individuals or groups who do not meet the criteria for “free use” will be required to pay a maintenance fee as outlined in Attachment 1.



  1. A contract must be signed prior to the fulfillment of a reservation.  See Attachment 2.  A copy of the signed contract will be given to the signer.
  2. Only persons with an Augusta-Richmond Public Library Card may sign the contract.
  3. Items in the rooms include table(s) and chairs.  Some rooms are also accompanied by audiovisual equipment and caterer’s kitchen. 
  4. If the room is left as it was found, the individual/organization may be permitted to reserve library space again in the future.  If the room is left damaged, untidy, or in a disarray (as determined by the Library Staff), the individual/organization may be suspended from using the facility for future engagements.  The contract signer may inspect the room PRIOR TO the event and give a “physical” note of facility condition/problems to the meeting room coordinator.  This note will immediately be attached to the contract.
  5. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis, and may not be made more than two months in advance.
  6. If an individual/organization fails to show for a reserved time slot, after 30 minutes the library may cancel the reservation and allow another use of the room.
  7. If an individual/organization fails to utilize a meeting room reservation without notifying the library of the cancellation at least three days prior to the scheduled use, the library may decline to schedule any further reservations for that individual/organization.
  8. The library is not responsible for connecting or troubleshooting personal computers, electronic, or communication equipment brought to the library by room users.
  9. When making a reservation, please take into account the time needed to set up and cleanup for your event.  An individual or group may not enter the meeting room before their reserved time or stay past the allotted time.
  10. Library sponsored events or co-sponsored events will be considered first, before room reservations are made. 
  11. Although rarely, a reservation can be canceled by the Library Director.  If this should happen, the Library will make every effort to notify the individual/group of the cancellation within 24 hours of the scheduled reservation.
  12. Meetings, events, programs or activities that might disturb regular library operations are not permitted.  If a meeting or event in progress does disturb regular library operations, the library reserves the right to immediately terminate the meeting or event. The group, upon notification of a disturbance, will immediately discontinue the disturbance or vacate the premises.
  13. Library staff is not available to assist with setup or cleanup. You are responsible for room setup, decoration, clean up, takedown of tables and disposing of your garbage. The library will not supply materials, photocopies, or office supplies for your function. You must provide your own materials and supplies and take them with you when you leave.  However, the library will provide garbage bags for trash, a broom, and vacuum cleaner to assist in your cleanup. 
  14. No material of any kind can be posted directly on the walls of the meeting rooms.
  15. Only library staff members are allowed to move the divider wall at the Main Library. If the wall needs to be moved, please notify the front desk.
  16. Please notify the Meeting Room Coordinator at least 48 hours in advance of a need for audiovisual equipment or Wi-Fi access. The library will provide Wi-Fi passes at no charge, but we must be notified in advance.  
  17. Any event scheduled after normal operating hours for the library requires a non-refundable, after-hours staffing fee (this is in addition to the maintenance fee) AND the presence of a Marshal’s Office security for the ENTIRE length of the event. The library will arrange security, but the individual or group is responsible for payment to the deputy. The After Hours Staffing Fee is $50.00 per hour. The cost of the deputy is in addition to the Staffing Fee.  The cost for the deputy will be provided to you during the reservation process.
  18. Any event at which alcohol is served requires that a deputy be hired.  
  19. Meeting rooms are not available until the library is officially open for business.  No exceptions. 
  20. Solicitation, admission fees or other charges, money-raising activities, and/or sales are not allowed.
  21. The individual booking the room and signing the contract must be at least 18 years old. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  22. Smoking, open flames, burning incense, and lit candles are not allowed.  Illegal drugs are not permitted on the premises.  Alcohol intoxication is not permitted.  Individuals who behave disorderly will be escorted out of the library facility immediately.  Please see Patron Behavior Policy.
  23. No illegal activities are allowed.
  24. The library establishes capacity for each room.  Groups are responsible for ensuring attendance at meetings does not exceed capacity.  See room capacity at Attachment 1.
  25. Groups meeting on Sundays may only have an event lasting from 2pm-5pm in the first floor auditorium of the Main Library.
  26. All groups must complete a Meeting Room Attendance Form and leave it at the library Circulation Desk.
  27. Library staff may attend or observe any event at any time.
  28. The library reserves the right to deny future usage of meeting rooms if an individual or group fails to comply with all policies.
  29. The Meeting Room Coordinator at the Main Library can be reached at:  706-821-2634.  See branch libraries’ contact information on Attachment 1.
  30. The Library assumes no responsibility for personal injuries, thefts, or losses of private property while on or using library facilities.

Attachment 1

Main Library Meeting Rooms Capacity and Maintenance Fee


Full Auditorium (Maintenance Fee:  $40.00 per hour)

Dimensions: 60x60 = 3600 square feet


  • Theater: 288
  • Classroom: 180
  • Dinner: 150
  • Reception: 288

Half Auditorium (Maintenance Fee:  $20.00 per hour)

Dimensions: 60x30 = 1800 square feet


  • Theater: 144
  • Classroom: 90
  • Dinner: 75
  • Reception: 144

Atrium (Maintenance Fee:  $25.00 per hour)

Dimensions: 40x25 = 1000 square feet


  • Theater: n/a
  • Classroom: n/a
  • Dinner: 50
  • Reception: 100

Other Meeting Spaces (available only during library hours):

  • Writing Lab: seats 16-20 people (no food allowed, no fee)
  • Computer Lab: seats 16-32 people (no food allowed, no fee, up to 3 days per week and a maximum of 6 days per month may be reserved, library-provided laptops are not guaranteed)
  • Teen/YA Area:  seats 100 people (no food allowed, no fee)
  • Second Floor Open Lounge Area:  seats 40 people (no food allowed, no fee)
  • Third Floor Executive Board Room: seats 30-40 people (reservations must be approved by Library Director)
  • Children’s Programming Room (for children’s events only, $50 per day)


Attachment 1 - Continued

Branch Libraries Meeting Room Capacity and Maintenance Fee

(Please call each individual Branch to make a room reservation)

Diamond Lakes Branch Library

101 Diamond Lakes Way

Hephzibah, GA 30815


Meeting Room Capacity: 60

Conference Room Capacity: 10

Maintenance Fee:  $25.00 per day

Friedman Branch Library

1447 Jackson Road

Augusta, GA 30909


Meeting Room Capacity: 55

Conference Room: 15

Maintenance Fee:  $25.00 per day

Maxwell Branch Library

1927 Lumpkin Road

Augusta, GA 30906


Meeting Room Capacity: 60

Maintenance Fee:  $25.00 per day

Wallace Branch Library

1237 Laney-Walker Boulevard

Augusta, GA 30901


Meeting Room Capacity: 75

Maintenance Fee:  $25.00 per day

Attachment 2


By signing this contract, you understand and agree that you are liable for library property.

I have read and understand the Meeting Room Policy of the Augusta-Richmond County Public Library System.  I understand that I am responsible for the room setup, decoration, cleanup and takedown of tables and chairs.  I am also responsible for payment of the maintenance fee (when required), payment of the After Hours Staffing Fee (if applicable), and payment for the Marshal’s Office security (if applicable).  As signer of this contract, I will be held responsible for damages to or theft of library property.  I understand the Library will seek compensation for its loss(es) to the extent allowable under the law.  I have been advised that surveillance cameras are in use on the library property.  I have received a copy of the Meeting Room Policy and Patron Behavior Policy.

Note:  All lines on this contract must be completed.

Name (Printed): _________________________________________________

Organization: ___________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _________________________________________________

Phone Number: __________________________________________________

Email: __________________________________________________________

Room/Space Reserved: _____________________________________________

Occupancy/Reservation Date and Time: ________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________________

Date Signed: ______________________________________________________

****************CUSTOMERS DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE******************

Library Staff: ______________________________________________________

Room/Space Reserved: ______________________________________________

Occupancy/Reservation Date and Time: _________________________________

Date Signed: ______________________________________________________

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